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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Peachy Keen!

This wonderful jumper is from UK clothing inspired brand Miss Fortune  which is called Bobbie Jumper - Peach Harlequin.
I love the harlequin print on this jumper (that's what attracted me the most) and also the Peach/orange/pink colours.  These harlequin jumpers have many different colour variations to choose from, which you can purchase from Miss Fortune's website.
These Bobbie Jumpers have short sleeves (which have some stretch and are not tight in the arms). They are cropped to high waist and are fitted. So would look good with high-waisted trousers/jeans, and pencil/swing skirts. I ordered size Large and it fits quite well on me and feels very comfortable to wear throughout the day.

I would recommend wearing these Bobbie Jumpers on a day when it's not too cold, unless you wear it under a jacket or even a cardigan on a really cold winters day.
These jumpers are made from 100% acrylic. I highly recommend on buying yourself one or even more of these gorgeous stylish jumpers!
These peach colour high-waisted trousers are custom made by Lulu Rocket Retro  this is not the first time I've had something custom made by Lulu Rocket Retro I've also had a circle skirt made here's the link to that:

Anyway back to these trousers they are made from a light-weight cotton so hopefully will be okay to wear in summer, on colder days I'd wear stockings/tights underneath.  There is a side zip and button to secure (plus small white faux buttons down one side). Only slight downside the cotton fabric crinkles really easily and these trousers are not as wide legged as I hoped. But still stylish and will look good matched with other tops/blouses/jumpers etc.
Accessories Include:
Wicker vintage bag from a facebook buy/swap/sell group
Shoes from Payless Australia
Peach hair-scarf thrifted
Earrings from My Little Rockabilly
Bangles from various jewellery boutiques
Peachy Keen Jelly Bean Brooch from Atomic Mingo (no longer exists)
These blog photos were taken by my Mum down at a lovely place in Hervey Bay, Queensland called Arkarra Tea Gardens, which is located on two acres of beautiful, landscape natural gardens. You can enjoy having breakfast, lunch, tea/coffee/drinks out in the beautiful, relaxing surroundings.
Whilst my Mum, my sister and myself were enjoying lunch together we saw many bird wildlife, including Kookaburras here was one sitting above us.
In other news over the weekend I enjoyed taking blog photos of two different outfits (this outfit being one), going out for lunch with Mum and my sister on Saturday, catching up on my washing and some ironing.
I'm also eagerly waiting on some special parcels from Mr Postman to arrive, hopefully I get them soon! Apart from that just working etc.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

 Note: All words & opinions in this blog post are written entirely on my own.


  1. Oranges and peaches really suit you, doll! Love all the pants you've been rocking lately too!!! XO

    1. Thank-you so much Lauren, I do prefer wearing pants in winter, than dresses! xo

  2. Your outfit is very beautiful and the colors suit you perfectly! I have looked at Miss Fortune's knit tops before, but them being 100% acrylic has put me of from buying them. I feel like they get ruined in the wash quite fast and I prefer materials like cotton and viscose :)

    1. Oh okay that's a shame, as they're are such stylish jumpers! xo

  3. Terrific outfit! You are so knocking it out of the ballpark on the pants/trousers front this year, sweet lady.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, have some more pants/trousers to blog/wear yet! :)

  4. Love these vintage inspired trouser looks on you! The color of this outfit is especially nice on you. Sounds like it was a lovely day in Hervey Bay! <3

  5. Ohh great pants and that sweater is a perfect match! x

  6. This is such a happy and adorable outfit! I saw your comment on silver cat tea party and had to check you out im glad i did

    1. oh thanks and I'm happy you checked out my blog! xo