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Saturday, 4 July 2015

All The Pastels!

Next weekend I've booked myself in for my next tattoo...which will end up being my third one, at this stage I'm planning of getting an hibiscus flower/s on one side of my back! I'm anxious but at the same time excited to have it done as well. I'll probably post a photo on instagram after it's done and hopefully on here on my personal blog in the near future. My Mum is also coming, as she wants to get something done as well!

Today's outfit blog post is about this harlequin Jenny skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing and my cute little flamingo cardigan by Sourpuss Clothing. I have blogged about this skirt before in a previous blog post here is the link:
I just love the harlequin colours in this skirt and how you can mix and match a lot of different colour tops/blouse's with it. That's why I knew matching my cute flamingo Sourpuss cardigan with this wonderful Jenny skirt would work. The pastel pink/green go so well together!
I decided to accessorize this outfit with my pink Sun Jellies bag, my pink hair-flower and my pink retro car necklace.
Harlequin Jenny skirt is by Pinup Girl Clothing which I bought from a facebook group.
Cardigan is by Sourpuss Clothing which I bought from their website
Peep-toe shoes are from Target.
SunJellies bag is from Vintage Pip
Pink hair-flower is from an ebay seller.
Pink retro belt is by the brand Hell Bunny and is from Gwynnies Emporium
Retro car necklace is from Woolloongabba Antique Centre
This pink handbag by Sunjellies is so cute, I just think it looks so awesome with different style outfits... especially retro/vintage style outfits!

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo

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  1. I love flamingos! So cute! <3 And that is so fun that your mom will be going with you when you get your tattoo!!! So fun!