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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

1930's Day Dress!

A little while ago I got in contact with Jenni Porter from Jacks Daughter ( a vintage inspired fashion etsy store) and I asked her if she could possibly make me a 1930's inspired day dress from a photo of a pattern I saw on one of Jacks Daughter's instagram post.
Which of course Jenni happily agreed to and this is the end result!  I have featured a 1940's inspired dress as well by Jacks Daughter on my blog here is the the link:  1940's Dress
I was able to choose the fabric myself and any other "special" features I wanted on the dress. I really do adore the floral print and all the colours on the cotton fabric.
My favorite features on this beautiful dress is the pleated kick in the front, the matching fabric belt, the short cuffed-sleeves and the collared-bow in the front.  That you can tie together or leave it flat over the chest like I have styled it for these photos.  There is also a few buttons down the front, under the collared-bow.
This dress fits me so well to my measurements that I gave Jenni to create for me.  I highly recommend on having something custom-made by Jenni if you're after something unique to your own personal vintage style.

Accessories Include:
Yellow heels from Bait Footwear
Bangles from Splendette
Hair-flowers from a local boutique
Tote bag by Sun Jellies
I love this wide bream vintage inspired straw hat I'm wearing for these photos. I saw follow vintage inspired blogger Harlow Darling
wearing her staw hat on her blog a couple of times and wanted one for myself. Then I actually found out I could order one for myself through Harlow Darling...yay!!  These style of hat's are so great for a hot summer's day outside, especially in Australia and come with a hat-tie to tie around securely under the chin. I wore it to a Christmas pinup picnic the other day and receive many complements on it!
In other news I haven't finish of my Christmas shopping yet, I'll have to buy the rest this weekend!  I have four days off over the Christmas break and will be spending it at home with the family this year.
Over the weekend just gone, on Saturday Mum and I assembled and decorated our Christmas Tree.
Then on Sunday I attended a Christmas pinup picnic/get together in a park, it was lovely seeing some of my "pinup" friends and having some photos taken.  There was also some wonderful Christmas raffle prizes to be won and all money raised on the day was given to a wonderful charity.  Unfortunately I didn't win anything!

This is my last blog post for 2017!  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. Gah! You so make me miss the blissfully hot Christmas season in Australia! Love the colors in this one. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year!


  2. It's all in the detail, and this outfit is just swimming in it! What a divine dress. Great shoe choice too, picks out the yellow in the dress nicely. And the hat is wonderful!

    Have a really lovely Christmas xx

  3. That is such a beautiful floral print! Those Robbies are so great with it, too. It's so great to be able to have something custom made to your measurements, and also get to pick out the details of the dress!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!